We provide natural and expert care for
all types of roses and rose gardens.  We
are familiar with many varieties of roses
and their growth habits.  Many years of
experience show in our thriving,
healthy rose gardens.
Our services include early spring
pruning and framework for climbing
roses, monthly soil amendments and
weekly organic liquid fertilizer and
deadheading to promote healthy
growth.  In December, roses need
winterizing for a successful upcoming
We are experienced in caring for and
pruning all roses especially climbers.  
We can design an irrigation dripline
system for your roses and connect to
an existing system or recommend an
irrigation solution for any existing
Natural rose care means using
fertilizers and soil amendments that
promote soil health and biodiversity.  
We use products that are organic,
natural and safe. We are developing a
compost tea system in order reduce the
common black spot fungus prevalent in
the Cape Cod humid summer.   We
avoid using chemicals on our plant