Babylon Lila:  
A Dinner Plate dahlia with large decorative flowers colored
a deep purple hue.  A vibrant color in an arrangement.  Tall
growing, long stems great for cutting.  Medium amount of
flowers per bush.
A decorative medium size dahlia with a more ball shaped
flower.  Small to medium bush height.  Dependable
flowering fuchsia colored blooms.  Does not need much
staking and the color mixes well with hot pink annuals.
A Dinner Plate dahlia with an unusual purple color pattern.
 Medium height bush needing staking and care.  The
striking flowers are a wonderful reward.
A medium size decorative dahlia with very dependable
blooms and little maintenance.  The foliage is bronze and
even woodchucks find it tough to chew.  The vibrant
fuchsia pink blooms blend well with Park Princess, a light
pink cactus dahlia.
Glorie van Noordwijk:  
A large blooming dahlia, not quite a Dinner Plate, but
dependable flowering with strong stems.  Medium to tall
height bush.  The bronze color makes a good cutting
flower mixing nicely with sunflowers in an arrangement.
Ace Summer Sunset:  
Beautiful , large peachy, orange flowers so profuse and
stunning that you can make a flower arrangement and you
will have plenty of flowers left on the bush.  Very tall, long
stemmed and very showy for the garden.
Kelvin Floodlight:  
While these are the largest Dinner Plates, White Perfection
also has such large decorative flowers.  The color is a light
lemon yellow with one or two flowers per bush.
Medium – tall growing but does not take up too much
room in the garden.  
White Perfection:
A large Dinner Plate dahlia with very large flowers.  A
dependable grower with 2-3 blooms per bush.  With these
large-size flowers it is an easy grower. Medium height.
A Dinner Plate dahlia, not quite a decorative style
flowering but deep red and a strong mulit-flowering
grower.  Blooms large round vibrant flowers.
Park Princess:  
A cactus pink flowering dahlia.  Many flowers, some
bushes can grow to be very profuse and tall.  Needs
staking but worth the work.
Gerrie Hoek:  
A delicate waterlily medium pink dahlia.  Tall growing with
many flowers at a time.  Perfect for arrangements, showy
in the garden.  Stems are a little floppy but long for cutting.
We grow a wide variety of dinner plate dahlias. If you are looking
for a specific variety, let us know and we may have it. Our dahlias
will be available by the end of May 2013. They are grown in 1
gallon pots.  

Please call or fax 508-428-4185 for availability and price or e-mail
us through our website! Wholesale pricing available.
Thank you!
Arrangements collected from my garden last October: roses and dahlias.